AR WET PROCESSING LIMITED is a 100% export-oriented multi-process modern facility under FASHION GLOBE GROUP and it is one of the most modern washing plants in Bangladesh. The washing plant is set up with the state-of-the-art machinery to cater to our internal requirements.

A wide range of special washes are offered in this plant which includes

  • Enzyme Wash
  • Bleach Wash
  • Sand Blast
  • Rain Wash
  • Ultra Soft Wash
  • Monkey Wash.
  • Distress Wash
  • Distress Wash
  • Distress Wash
  • 10 Stone Wash

Specialized Machinery

We have state of the art machineries from the German company VAV Technologies.

Black Dragon Cutter

Cutting And Marking Laser System

The EXPRESSO System Works with huge type of UNIQUE MACHINE with SMART OPERATOR and these two machines connect with each other and control themselves.


AR Wet Processing Limited,

Amtola, Kathgora, Zirabo, Ashulia