Fashion Globe Group strongly believes to actualize its corporate mission, for which a high level of corporate efficiency is essential at all levels in the whole organization. And so, it commits a considerable amount of resources for training, development, compliance, and motivation. Recognizing human resources as one of its key success factors, it provides training to them on a regular basis to help improve product quality and organizational productivity.

An active partner of the Signatory Fairtrade Consumers around the world, We comply with all provisions of the labor as well as the factory laws and conventions applicable.

Considering the human factor as a very important aspect of the group, the top management interpersonally maintains a very good relationship with its workforce. The group helps maintain a working environment in which the workers can truly feel their workplace as their second home.

It provides transport facilities to its workers who do not live at the nearby places. Personal safety and hygiene of the working people get top priority.

Wages and other financial benefits are offered invariably on time. Certified practitioners and qualified nurses ensure medical care at all of its units. Maternity attention and benefits are provided accordingly.

A safe & homely childcare facility maintained by trained babysitters is offered to workers and employees having minor children not going to school.

FGG grants special incentives, bonuses, and benefits that are not mandatory in the given legal requirements of the country. A Workers’ Welfare Committee helps develop awareness among the workers about their rights and responsibilities.

Training are arranged regularly to keep them always prepared to handle different types of occupational hazards. Firefighting gets an extra emphasis here. At all of its premises, FGG exercises evacuation drills on a regular schedule to make sure all people on its floors would safely, successfully, and smoothly respond to any emergency call for evacuation.

FGG is having a dedicated department to look after the matters that are called compliance in common terms but it views all these as a highbred positive motivation initiative in its own understanding.